Suspicious Activity

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Many people don’t want to bother the police because they fear that it may not be a real emergency or that they may embarrassed if their suspicions turn out unfounded. Your police department would much rather be called out to investigate your concerns than to be called after a crime has been committed.

Reporting Suspicious Activity

Citizens working together with their police department make one of the most effective crime-fighting teams available. You are the eyes and ears of your police department and one of the most practical ways you can help your police department is by calling to report suspicious activities, persons or vehicles in your neighborhood. The following are some activities and behaviors that often prove to be suspicious.

Person Running

Does this behavior indicate someone simply being in a hurry or does it have a heightened sense of urgency or tension about it. Is the individual looking about furtively, as if he were being observed or pursued? It is possible the individual is fleeing the scene of a crime?

Stranger Carrying Property

If this occurs at an unusual hour or location, and especially if the items are audio components, televisions, video equipment, computer or office equipment, or carrying a locked bicycle. It is possible the individual is leaving the scene of a robbery, burglary or theft.

Person Going Door-to-Door

If you see a person, or persons, going from house to house, if one or more goes into a back or side yard, you may be witnessing a crime in progress. It becomes especially suspicious if one or more persons remain in front. It is possible they are “casing” a house to burglarize or are in the process of burglarizing a house.

Unusual Activity Involving Vehicles

Any of the following vehicle related actions should be considered suspicious. A person forcibly entering a locked vehicle. An unfamiliar person is seen removing mechanical parts or accessories. If you observe apparent business transactions being conducted from a vehicle, you may be witnessing an illegal drug sale or a sale of stolen property. One or more persons sitting in a parked car closely scanning the area around them, they may be involved in a crime in progress or the planning of a future crime. If you see anyone being forcibly taken into a vehicle. A moving vehicle could be considered suspicious if it is driving slowly, driving without lights, or if its course appears aimless or repetitive. Try and get the license plate number, description of the vehicle and the occupants.

Unusual Mental or Physical Symptoms

An individual who may have been injured in an accident, is under the influence of drugs or medications or otherwise in need of medical or psychiatric assistance.

Unusual Noises

If you hear gunshots, screaming, sounds of combat, or anything suggesting foul play, danger or illegal activity call 911 immediately.