Crime Prevention

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When you go to work, don’t leave crime prevention at home. Almost any crime that can happen at home, or in your neighborhood, can happen in the workplace. These common-sense prevention skills can help make life “at work” safer for all.

Preventing Office Theft

Keep your purse, wallet, keys or other valuable items with you at all times or locked in a drawer, closet or locker.

If you bring personal items to work such as a coffee pot, a calculator, a radio or a CD player - mark them with your name, initials and an identification number.

Take Responsibility for Office Safety

Check the identity of any strangers who are in your office – ask whom they are visiting and if you can help them find that person. If this makes you uncomfortable, inform security or management about your concerns.

Always let someone know where you will be - whether it is working late, going to the copy machine, going out to lunch or a meeting. You will find that the “buddy system” works great in the workplace.

Report any broken or flickering lights, dimly lit corridors, doors that don’t lock properly or broken windows. Don’t wait for someone else to do it.

Be discreet. Don’t advertise your social life or vacation plans or those of your co-workers to people visiting or calling your place of work.

Avoid Trouble Spots

Avoid using out-of-the-way stairwells or corridors. Talk to the building manager about improving poorly lighted stairways and corridors. Never use them alone.

Don’t get into elevators with people who look out of place or behave in a strange or threatening manner. If you find yourself in an elevator with someone who makes you nervous, get off as soon as possible.

Be cautious when using restrooms. Make sure restrooms are locked and only employees have keys. Do not use restrooms that are isolated or poorly lighted.

Don’t work late alone. Use the “buddy system” for walking to parking lots or public transportation. If available, ask security to escort you to your vehicle.

If you have any further questions please call the Riverside County Sheriff's Department at (760) 836-1600. Visit the Police Blotter for more information.