Community Development

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The Community Development Department encompasses the Planning, Building and Code Enforcement Divisions.

Planning Division

The Planning Department provides technical assistance and professional guidance to the City Council, Planning Commission, Architecture & Landscape Committee and the public regarding policies and plans that guide the physical development of the community. This department processes land use applications and reviews projects for consistency with the City's General Plan, Zoning Ordinance and State laws relative to land use and Redevelopment Law. .

Building Division

The Building Department administers and enforces the California Building Code and all City ordinances regulating construction activity. This department is responsible for issuance of building permits, collection of permit and inspection fees, review and approval of construction plans and providing building site inspections. .

Code Enforcement Division

The Code Enforcement Department ensures compliance with all the City's municipal codes and ordinances. The duty of this department is to protect life, safety and property through enforcement of City codes and standards achieved through staff investigation and follow up of citizen's complaints or City initiated abatement actions. .


Jon Berg, Community Development Director

Planning - (760) 776-0229

Luis Rubalcava, Assistant Planner

Sonia Hapner, Senior Administrative Assistant

Building - (760) 776-0230

Craig Degroot, CBO, Building Official & Code Enforcement Manager

Tana Batiste, Permit Technician II

Code Enforcement - (760) 346-2489

Wes Remaklus, Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector II