Short Term Residential Rentals

Short Term Residential Rentals



The New Short-term Rental Ordinance is Now in Effect.

NEW Short-term Rental Documents

Short-term Rental Ordinance 710
Infographic Guide for the Short-term Rental Program - printable version click here.
Opt-out Form Letter for Common Interest Developments/Homeowners Associations - The letter needs to be dated April 16th, 2018 or after. Please note, only the information in brackets is editable.
HOA Opt-Out Map

NEW Vacation Rental Hotline-After Hours: (760) 834-7788

If you are experiencing problems from a property you suspect to be a short-term rental, please call the Vacation Rental Hotline to report the nuisance. Please have the address available to assist the process. Hotline staff will make contact with the vacation rental and Indian Wells Police Department. 

City Ordinance provides the vacation rental operator one hour to stop the nuisance. After that point in time, the Indian Wells Police Department will make contact with the property.

Good Neighbor Brochure
City Ordinance requires all renters be provided a Good Neighbor Brochure with their rental agreement. The Good Neighbor Brochure provides brief information to renters to reinforce regulations to ensure their stay does not cause neighborhood disruption. 

Short-term Rental Registration Application Form

Transient Occupancy Tax Remittance Form
Short-term rentals are required to collect a Transient Occupancy Tax (“TOT”) on all nights of stay. The City’s current TOT rate is 11.25% on the nightly rental rate charged. TOT collection is the responsibility of the property owner. Remittance of TOT collected and this TOT Remittance Form are due to the City no later than 30-days after the end of each quarter ending March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31.

The form provided above helps to calculate the amount of TOT due. Failure to remit TOT and form can result in a fine, citation, and even suspension of your license to operate.  

Model Short-term Rental Agreement

The short-term residential rental industry has grown exponentially in recent years. As a result, many property owners who otherwise would not have considered renting their properties have chosen to do so. To assist compliance with City regulations, the provided Model Vacation Rental Agreement provides owners the legal protection necessary.

There is no requirement to use this Model Short-term Rental Agreement. However, please be advised that the City’s Short-term Rental Ordinance requires certain provisions to be included in your rental agreement. If using your own agreement form, please review closely for compliance with City regulations.

Adopted Noise Ordinance

Noise is the most commonly cited disturbance with vacation rentals. Loud, disturbing noise is prohibited in Indian Wells between the hours of 10pm and 7am. The Adopted Noise Ordinance provides Indian Wells Law Enforcement great flexibility to determine if a property is causing a disturbance in a neighborhood.