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Planning Division

The Planning Division combines the functions of current and advance planning as well as housing and is responsible for managing the orderly growth and development of the community as set forth in the City of Indian Well's General Plan and Zoning Ordinance. The Planning Division is responsible for the City's physical planning, which includes development review, analysis and compliance, environmental review, long range planning, and development policies. Title 20 of the Indian Well's Municipal Code specifies the zoning regulations for the City. Each property is located within a specific zoning district, which determines the allowable land use and applicable zoning standards. The zoning standards regulate building characteristics such as setbacks, building height, etc.

The Planning Division monitors and updates the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance and maintains the City demographics and census information. In addition, Economic Development falls under the Planning Division.

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Planning Division Contacts

Department's Direct Line: (760) 776-0229

Community Development Director, Warren Morelion

Assistant Planner, Jon Berg

Administrative Assistant, Sonia Hapner